Friday Night Musical Interlude

Lest you think that this blog is going to be all words all the time, let me sprinkle it with some music to spice things up a bit. Here are your Friday jams for this week.

One sure sign of getting old is a belief that the best music was made at least 20 years ago. Accuse me of reliving my youth if you like, but I still like this stuff, and I always loved this song by the Jesus and Mary Chain:

I always liked the Psychedelic Furs, and Richard Butler’s semi-solo effort with Love Spit Love was also great. Another sure sign of getting old is not being able to remember whether you may have actually seen them in concert in downtown Springfield, Missouri, sometime in 1994 as part of some kind of Earth Day music festival, but you are pretty sure you did, and pretty sure they must have played this song:

Less fuzzy about this one. I’m very sure I saw Matthew Sweet in Springfield at the Regency Showcase in either late 94 or early 95, and I’m sure he played this song and rocked our socks off. I remember my ears ringing for days because I was standing right next to one of the amps. My sorta-girlfriend at the time wanted to invite him back to her house to play Scrabble.

I also saw the band Live live in Springfield sometime around the same time. I always liked this song and I remember them sounding really great in concert.

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