Sex and the Village

Oh god!

Alcohol breath. He has spent his entire paycheck on booze again.

Oh god!

A whore’s perfume. Please don’t let him bring me the virus.

Oh god!

Six children. Will he take care of them if I get sick?

Oh god!

No more babies, please.

Oh thank god!

It’s over.

2 Replies to “Sex and the Village”

  1. A very sad poem- hits home. Amazing interpretation, brings to light what we mostlry choose to ignore and overlook when we ask questions such as why “people have kids they cant afford”


    1. Thanks Gofa. The phrase “sex and the village” popped into my head one day and I thought about the contrast with the Sex and the City franchise, and how life for woman in so many parts of the world is so completely different than it was for those rich American women in Manhattan, for whom sex was just a frivolous hobby. I was leery about falling into the trap of “poverty porn” by exploiting the stereotypes of rural Africa, but the truth is the truth, and for so many women this is reality, and we shouldn’t be afraid of speaking the truth just because it hurts.


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