10 Years, 28 Countries: 2011. Part 1

2011 was also a big year for travel. I started in Kenya, attending my brother-in-law’s college graduation and visiting in-laws. I then continued flew to Yaounde, Cameroon via Kigali. From Yaounde, I drove with coworkers across eastern Cameroon to the forest of southeast Cameroon, and ultimately across the Sangha River by boat to visit Bayanga and the Dzanga Sangha Protected Area Complex, where I saw lowland gorillas in the wild for the first time. I will break this up into multiple parts because I have many photos from these trips. 

Picture 035
Graduation ceremony at Daystar University. Athi River Campus, Kenya
Picture 039
Graduates and families, Daystar University, Kenya.
Picture 050
Students and families watching graduation ceremony from boulders on the Athi River campus of Daystar University. Kenya
Picture 054
Me with the whole family and my brother-in-law John, the graduate.
Picture 057
John with his cap and gown.
Picture 092
With my brother in law John and the father of his best friend, Mr. Baya, at the Baya home in Kilifi, Kenya.
Picture 099
Performers at a beach hotel in Kilifi, Kenya.
Picture 103
With my wife’s uncle, Hussein at one of his businesses in Mombasa, Kenya.
Picture 117
Traditional dancers at Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.
Picture 128
Drummers performing traditional songs from the Mt. Kenya region at Bomas of Kenya. Most of Kenya’s ethnic groups are represented by performances at Bomas.
Picture 151
Another traditional Kenyan song and dance. Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.
Picture 158
My wife’s cousin Bakari with his son Hussein watching performances at Bomas of Kenya.
Picture 165
Traditional dances representative of coastal Kenya at Bomas of Kenya, Nairobi.
Picture 174
In addition to traditional dances, Bomas of Kenya features performances by acrobats doing things like a flaming limbo.
Picture 176
A cousin-in-law with with dairy cows near Chogoria, Kenya.
Picture 182
Goats. Chogoria, Kenya.
Picture 187
A flame tree in bloom, Chogoria, Kenya.
Picture 192
Meru children playing, Chogoria, Kenya.
Picture 194
Fresh bananas, Chogoria, Kenya.
Picture 199
This is how you transport a chicken. Chogoria, Kenya.
Picture 208
With in-laws near Chuka, Kenya.
Picture 230
With in-laws at their home in Langata, Nairobi, Kenya.

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