10 Years, 28 Countries: 2012

2012 was a slightly quieter year for travel. I took one trip in June to Namibia and Botswana and later in the year I went to Santa Barbara, California to speak at the Elephant Manager’s Association Conference and meet with WWF donors at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Here’s what that looked like. 

Namibia 006
Hippos in the Kavango River, Namibia.
Namibia 012
Sunset on the Kavango River, Namibia
Namibia 009
A timely shadow of Greg having a sundowner. Kavango River, Namibia
Namibia 024
Marabou Storks at Lake Ngami, Botswana
Namibia 026
Marabou Storks in Lake Ngami, Botswana
Namibia 018
Kavango River, Botswana
Palm trees in Santa Barbara, California.
Sunset on beach at Santa Barbara
Beach at Santa Barbara
Asian elephants at Santa Barbara Zoo
Giraffe at Santa Barbara Zoo
African lions in cages at Santa Barbara Zoo

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