10 Years, 28 Countries: 2013

Finally getting around to updating these photo blog posts. In 2013 I made two trips to Namibia, both related to a project involving developing small drones for anti-poaching operations to protect rhinos and elephants.

Testing a locally-built drone in the desert outside of Swakopmund. 008

Springbok on a golf course in Swakopmund026

Northwest Namibia landsape. 028

Etosha National Park029

Rhino capture operation032

Approaching a sedated white rhino049

Sedated black rhino on the road with helicopter overhead071

Helicopter landing on road near sedated rhino. Etosha National Park072

Etosha Pan. Footprints to nowhere086

Testing an American-built drone at Waterberg Plateau National ParkIMG_4078

Hand-launched drone with bungee assist at takeoffIMG_4081

Black rhino, Etosha NPIMG_4109

Lioness, Etosha NPIMG_4117

Common zebra, Etosha NPIMG_4125

Black-faced Impala male, Etosha NPIMG_4130

Elephant at water hole. Etosha NPIMG_4134

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