Musical Friday: Featured Artist

Time again for another musical Friday post. This week I’m mixing it up a little and instead of selecting a musical melange, I’m going to take a more in depth look at a single artist. This week’s featured artist is Grant Lee Phillips, both his solo work and the work of his band, Grant Lee Buffalo. In my opinion GLB and Grant Lee Phillips are among the most underrated artists of my generation and will hopefully someday receive the recognition they deserve. Amazingly talented, with songs of incredible depth and substance, each one of which reaches out and grabs you and demands your attention. Continue reading “Musical Friday: Featured Artist”

Friday’s Tunes: Flashback to the 80’s

If a blog that is less than one month old can be so presumptuous as to claim that it has any traditions, then let musical Friday be this blog’s first tradition. Not one to let my loyal readers down, I present this week’s selections of what I’m listening to. I welcome comments and I’m open to requests or suggestions for future playlists.  Continue reading “Friday’s Tunes: Flashback to the 80’s”