The Little Cardinal

His parents were wise, building their nest high under the eaves of the house, where the downspout from the gutter formed a sheltered platform inaccessible to all but the most determined of predators. I noticed them early in the spring, flitting about the back deck, gathering materials for their home construction.  Continue reading “The Little Cardinal”

10 YEARS, 28 COUNTRIES: 2010. PART 2

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2010 was a busy year for travel. I documented travel to Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique in Part 1. I also made two trips to Namibia in 2010. The first, in February, was to participate in a rhino capture operation in Etosha National Park. Those photos are documented here. The second, in July, was a trip with my father to celebrate his 60th birthday, which will be documented in Part 3.  Continue reading “10 YEARS, 28 COUNTRIES: 2010. PART 2”

The Hummingbird

I dreamed that a hummingbird landed on my outstretched finger. It wasn’t afraid, but I was. Not afraid of it, but afraid for it. It was too delicate. I felt it had entrusted me with its well-being, that I was now responsible for its safety. I felt that any involuntary twitch might startle it into flight, tiny wings buzzing, tiny heart racing. It sat there weightless and unmoving, its tiny beak like a hypodermic needle, tongue like a thread darting out, tasting the salt of my skin. I froze, unwilling to even breathe lest I disturb my new found friend.