For the Birds

The sun is shining on this lovely March day in Nairobi–a rare occasion lately, as we have had seemingly nonstop rain for the past 10 or 12 days. But the rain has restored the color green to nature’s palette and the sun is being photosynthesized by a legion of happy plants cranking out rich, luscious oxygen by the bucketload.  Continue reading “For the Birds”

The Little Cardinal

His parents were wise, building their nest high under the eaves of the house, where the downspout from the gutter formed a sheltered platform inaccessible to all but the most determined of predators. I noticed them early in the spring, flitting about the back deck, gathering materials for their home construction.  Continue reading “The Little Cardinal”

10 YEARS, 28 COUNTRIES: 2010. PART 2

NOTE: Click on the pictures for a larger high resolution version. 

2010 was a busy year for travel. I documented travel to Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique in Part 1. I also made two trips to Namibia in 2010. The first, in February, was to participate in a rhino capture operation in Etosha National Park. Those photos are documented here. The second, in July, was a trip with my father to celebrate his 60th birthday, which will be documented in Part 3.  Continue reading “10 YEARS, 28 COUNTRIES: 2010. PART 2”

The Hummingbird

I dreamed that a hummingbird landed on my outstretched finger. It wasn’t afraid, but I was. Not afraid of it, but afraid for it. It was too delicate. I felt it had entrusted me with its well-being, that I was now responsible for its safety. I felt that any involuntary twitch might startle it into flight, tiny wings buzzing, tiny heart racing. It sat there weightless and unmoving, its tiny beak like a hypodermic needle, tongue like a thread darting out, tasting the salt of my skin. I froze, unwilling to even breathe lest I disturb my new found friend.